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    Trauma Healing Northwest is a specialty therapy clinic for trauma healing therapy and stress related disorders and their impacts on our thoughts, emotions, body, and behavior. We are committed to providing the highest quality psychological and neurobiological therapies to help you learn about the impacts of trauma and stress, grow in effective coping and grounding skills, and heal by reducing or eliminating symptoms of trauma and stress in your life.

    Trauma Healing NW, LLC

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    4800 Meadows Rd #300, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, USA

    What is Neurofeedback?

    Neurofeedback trauma therapy is a non-medication approach to enhancing brain functioning by improving your ability to self-regulate. A regulated brain is a happy and healthy brain. To achieve this, Neurofeedback utilizes a 3-part system of feedback where we

    1. read your brain’s electrical activity through electroencephalogram (EEG),

    2. observe the brain in action in live time through our clinical software, and

    3. provide biofeedback to your brain through audio and visual stimuli with an established protocol designed to help improve regulation and overall brain functioning.

    Neurofeedback therapy for trauma works with Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta wavelengths. Too much or too little activity with each of these frequencies result in dysregulation that presents as a wide variety of unwanted symptoms. Neurofeedback utilizes the above 3-part system to encourage an increase or decrease in the amount of communication taking place in a specific pathway with a specific electrical frequency for the resolution of unwanted symptoms.

    Neurofeedback testing

    By engaging in this training process repeatedly, the brain learns to adopt new, more regulated, patterns of operation as the new normal and the central nervous system overall works better. As a result, participants experience changes in symptoms that are based in brain dysregulation. These happen to be numerous. They include the anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS and emotional disturbances resulting from trauma. Neurofeedback for trauma addresses physiological anxiety. Anxiety is a common response to stress and trauma, and sufferers often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and fatigued. Neurofeedback can help guide your brain to change how it responds to stimuli that disturb our physical or mental equilibrium. Neurofeedback also helps with other symptoms of trauma and stress, including concentration, focus, burnout, and emotional control.

    Neurofeedback is also helpful for overall brain health and functioning and can be used for peak performance. Many high-performing professionals in the arts, sports, and business rely on Neurofeedback as a part of their process of being the best at their craft or profession.

    Neurofeedback is not a new treatment and it is widely used in large part of the world as a treatment and/or a support to other forms of treatment like psychotherapy and/or medication. Many countries in Europe, Africa, and South America utilize Neurofeedback to help clients achieve their goals. This growing global movement along with increasing numbers of research studies being conducted on Neurofeedback’s effectiveness in the United States leads us to be very confident in Neurofeedback’s effectiveness and to expect positive outcomes from Neurofeedback training. You can find research articles on our system and method of Neurofeedback at the following links: and ,and you may also be interested in reading about Neurofeedback as an important treatment for trauma in Bessel Vander Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score, a leading resource on Trauma.

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